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Austin Roof Storm Damage Restoration Contractors

For many years, Caden Roofing has provided comprehensive storm damage restoration services for homes and business throughout Austin. Customers can count on us to deal with the difficulties of repairing or replacing a roof while they get back to living life again after a bad storm.

Our team goes above and beyond, providing support through friendly service, roof inspections, and the use of top-notch products and materials. We’ll make sure your roofing not only looks great but also outlasts future storms that come your way.

We provide:

  • Hail Damage Restoration
  • Wind Damage Restoration
  • Storm Damage Restoration

Restoring Roof Hail Damage

If your roof has hail damage, make sure to get prompt help from our roofing contractors. A surprising amount of damage can be caused by hailstones as small as one inch in diameter. Even if you don’t see damage, there could be small dents and holes in your roof shingles or flashing. We’ll be able to spot these issues during a roof inspection, so you don’t have a surprise water leak later on.

Fixing Wind Damage to the Roof

Roof wind damage is usually easier to spot on or around your property in the form of loose or fallen shingles. You may also see tree branches or other debris on the roof and in the gutters. Our trained and certified contractors can identify damaged zones on the roof during a quick inspection. They’ll also be happy to help you decide if roof replacement is needed.

Roof Storm Damage Restoration

Caden Roofing also offers Austin storm damage restoration services. If your home has been through any kind of storm and needs repairs, our contractors can get things back in order again. Our highly qualified roofers have been repairing and replacing roofs with storm damage for decades. We'll help you make the right choice for your property depending on the severity of the damage.

Get Assistance with Roof Insurance Claims

No one wants to have to deal with their insurance provider alone. If you would like to file a roof insurance claim to cover the costs of your storm damage restoration, we can help streamline the process.

Our team will provide all of the necessary evidence of roof damage, a roof inspection report, and a quote for the work. We’ll also stay in communication with the insurer throughout the claims process to deal with any requests or last-minute concerns.

Get More Information About Our Storm Damage Restoration Services

Caden Roofing puts extra care and effort into working with customers to complete their storm damage restorations. We understand that families and business owners need a capable, skilled, and trustworthy partner to rely on during this difficult time.

If you need help with a storm restoration in Austin, give us a call or fill out our online form now. A representative will arrange a free roof inspection by one of our experts as soon as possible.